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V initially stands for Veronique; that's me. 

I am a 30 something business woman, mother of Axelle; 4 years old, baby Morgane and wife of Julien. Well that is how I used to describe myself just a few months back... before V for LoVe.

This project all started while on my second maternity leave, after bringing Morgane to this wonderful world. My first leave wasn't the best of success. I felt alone, bored and couldn't enjoy the time off from work. I decided that this time would be different, but I didn't really know how...

First, I rapidly decided to get back to real life and hit yoga classes at the gym while princess Morgane was at the nursery. Right away, I felt at peace with the practice, like going back to an old love. I realized that life, work, motherhood and routine had taken me away from yoga, from time for myself. I wanted to go deeper in the practice so I decided to do my yoga teacher classes (thank you Julien for the support!), read on the practice and involve my family. I love the fact that yoga is not only a way to train my body, it is also a path to a healthy mind and to a balanced life.

To make sure I was never again going out of my way, of my newfound peace and of my practice enjoyment, I started looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that I could wear all the time, representing my practice and state of mind. That search was unsuccessful; I just couldn’t find something qualitative and affordable, so I decided to create it myself. This is how V for LoVe started in 2017, with a strong desire to fill an empty space, to provide a physical link to all practices, not just yoga but to any practice that will make you feel connected to your spirit Sports, art, meditation, the path you choose to feel complete is yours and now, V for LoVe will be with you, Always.

V for Veronique